Focus: Your eBusiness Goals & Objectives

I guide clients using a focused approach that aligns with your corporate goals and philosophies. I draw on best practices from extensive software product management and global ecommerce operational experience. Together, we will collaborate to build and deliver a data driven, profitable global online sales channel, fostered by a team environment that uses a framework of people, processes and technology.

eBusiness Strategy & Tactics

Are you in the process of developing an online sales strategy or looking to grow your existing business by adding new offerings and entering new markets? I will guide you on this journey by aligning key stakeholders and asking the right questions to efficiently and effectively plan, design, and build the structure to support your online channel and run the eBusiness

Key questions we will explore to guide your eBusiness strategy:

  1. Do you build, buy or rent our eCommerce platform and what are the tradeoffs in selling direct?
  2. How do you formulate an expansion strategy to target new segments and geographies?
  3. What are the key business functions/capabilities and core requirements needed in-house vs. through business partners?
  4. Is there a strategy that can mitigate channel conflict with resellers?
  5. Who are the key technology vendors and digital partners to consider and what are the tradeoffs of each?


-Global multi-channel go-to market strategy
-Strategic partnership development
-eCommerce platform selection/refinement and deployment
-Online store product management and roadmap development
-Customer-focused interaction design and user experience
-Catalog and marketing localization
-Global organization design and operations management
-Recurring billing, SaaS and software subscription business models
-Electronic payment processing
-Digital marketing (A/B testing, affiliate, analytics, CRO, re-targeting, SEM, SEO, trial conversion)

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